Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Our Antique Cabinet Vignettes

Today I am sharing our new Antique Cabinet, I feel so thrilled my Aunt Maryanne gave me this cabinet... How lucky am I.. It was my grandparents on my Dads side so it has a lot of sentimental value.. Its in great condition with the ORIGINAL stain.. So normally I love to paint all my furniture a nice neutral tone.. but for this one I am going to leave it in its original glory.. Its weathered slightly.. But its a nice rich tone. So it going to stay. It gave me a place to FINALLY display my Grandparents stuff. I have silverware from them that I have kept in boxes for 10 years.. and a Silver brush set that used to be my Great Grandmothers so over 100 years old with her initials engraved in it. Its such an amazing piece that I am honored to have. So I am so grateful that I now have a place to display them all. 

To keep the display interesting I added various ripped cover-less vintage books, Silverware and fragrances. I have Stacked vintage books tied with a ivory lace ribbon around them.
My great grandmothers brush antique brush on top of beautiful vintage doilies
On top of the Cabinet I decided to display some dried flowers. In a wicker planter I have some dried lavender and in a basket I casually laid some dried hydrangeas from my daughters 1st birthday.

Hope you enjoyed our Cabinet Display ideas.. I will post our Full Guest Room Reveal on Saturday. 

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