Sunday, July 5, 2015

Antique tool box into planter Makeover

I recently purchased this huge antique tool box from an online auction. I think I may have slightly over paid at $31. BUT I just loved that it came with a separate lift out tray and that it was super long 3ft to be exact. I have wanted one for my porch for a while now. So to help protect it from watering. I lined it with foil. then filled it with soil and Asylum flowers. I bought a whole tray of flowers for $12 from local garden centre. They are an annual ground cover, but to be honest I just bought them because they were white and pretty. I just love white if you haven't noticed. I kept the tray out so I can use it for another project down the road.

First off I found this Antique tool box with lift out tray at an online auction for $31, and filled it with Asylum white flowers. And then covered the soil with green moss. I now have it displayed on our front porch.. I will have full Summer porch reveal coming soon...

 So in total my Large Summer Planter cost $52... $31 for the antique toolbox, $12 for flowers, $9 for big bag of Moss and the soil I already had the bag hanging around. So not too bad for the look.
 Next I found this cute wood tool box at Homesense for $12.99.. I sprayed it first with a waterproofing outdoor spray so it could withstand the weather. 
First I filled the box with soil, added the 5 Succulents  with a simple moss covering.  
I then covered the soil with a simple green moss for a complete look. 
Now it has a nice home on our outdoor harvest table.. I will be sharing our full deck reveal soon..
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