Saturday, July 4, 2015

Outdoor Harvest Table Makeover

This was a fun and FAST transformation.. It took me under 2 hrs to paint everything.. Thanks to my daughter taking an extended nap! First we lightly sanded the wood. I didn't use a primer (Mostly because I am just lazy and impatient!). I just bought a really good exterior paint.. Benjamin Moore Aura exterior in a nice flat finish. I painted one Full coat and then just went around and did some touch ups where ever it needed it. I can't say enough good things about this paint, It went on smooth with superior coverage. 1 coat almost covered everything for me. It dried fairly fast but was still a bit tacky a day later probably due to painting on a humid sunny day or maybe because I applied the paint a little thicker? Take a look below to see the full transformation...

This was our weathered wood bench BEFORE we painted it.. Winter was rough on it! See why it needed to be painted!! 
I will be honest I was a little nervous choosing a paint colour to paint our full set due to all the colours already going on all over our deck. The railing and privacy fence are already a very pale grey, the floor is a neutral taupe tone and to match we've just recently added a faux wood metal pergola. SO after much debate between refinishing and staining, we went the easier route of painting. The Grey colour we chose was Benjamin Moore Chelsea Grey. I was too nervous to go as bold as a dark charcoal though I'm sure it would have looked good.. and a white would have been a little too stark, so a mid range Grey was the perfect choice for us. 

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