Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Dining Room decorated for the Holidays

So in the dining room I went with a more natural vibe,  more wood accents and beige and brown tones to tie into the attached living rooms brown vibe which you will soon see.. Recently we had the walls and ceilings painted in here, so far I'm still not sold on the color but we are leaving it for now although I already have a few ideas up my sleeve ;) See more on how we decorated our room for the holidays by clicking below..

On to Christmas decor.. so my go-to antique piece.. my dough bowl.. I filled the bowl with all my ornaments that I 'LOVE!' but couldn't fit on my tree or didn't quite go with the look I was going for..
 I love how some of our more sentimental ornaments get to be showcased.. now its a great conversational centrepiece..
I kept the decor very minimal and classic by hanging dried boxwood wreaths .. using my trusty 'command strips' .. over the mirrors on either side of our cabinet.. this way nothing gets damaged and when Christmas is over, its like that wreaths were never there ;)
 A while back I painted my antique cabinet that my aunt so kindly gave to me.. I felt so guilty as it was a gorgeous antique piece BUT it never really went in my home in its natural tone.. so I made the executive decision to paint it after many years of leaving it untouched.. I will say since painting it .. I have a new fondness for it, the details pop now and am so happy I did it..
On top of hutch I added my wooden box full of dried flowers and candles.. It's such a large piece that it is sometimes hard to find the perfect spot for it in my home.. it has been everywhere in our house from the kitchen to family room to dining room table to now here.. I will say I'm liking it on top of the hutch, the distressed finish balances well with my cabinet paint color.. Annie Sloan 'Antique white.'
 Last year I picked up this cute star garland from my local garden centre so this year I decided to hang my birch star garland off of the wooden box, now it has a touch of christmas whimsy ;)... Stay tuned for how we decorated our living room this holiday season...

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  1. Simple and beautiful Lisa. Your home is looking so cozy and pretty for the holidays.