Friday, March 17, 2017

Deciding on a sectional sofa for our small space

For me deciding on a NEW sofa / sectional was a very hard decision.. I obviously love the idea of sectionals as I have just realized that is all I own!!! one in our rec room, family room and now living room.. omg whats wrong with me?? lol!!  But really its because I love how many people can fit on a sectional, and the comfort.. aside from a recliner they can be the best way to put your feet up after a long day.. See how it all turns out below..

Our living room is a fairly small space with many entrances, a large window and a large media unit so furniture layouts can be tricky.. not many options for a full sofa to go.. but now with a sectional we can get a longer sofa that fits more people and tuck it against the wall and now instead of having sofa table under window.. push sofa against window more and move sofa table to the other back of sectional.. that way I still get my table lighting and hello a spot to put my tea!

The problem I was having was that my one wall was only 66" on the side where our hall entrance is  so that in itself drastically limited my sectional options as most ranged from 70-85" in depth.. And then I had only 120" in length basically in front of window until the couch would touch the media unit.. so my available options were limited..and remember I still needed to fit a narrow sofa table.. NEEDED!!! A MUST!! so the couch kept getting smaller and smaller by the minute.. which kept limiting my options..

All I knew is that the back of the sofa had to be straight.. as our old couch had a slanted back which meant it took up useless space.. approx 8" which is a lot of space in a small room.

SO because I NEEDED a sofa table in behind sectional I needed a sectional with a full back all around.. well let me tell you that is nearly impossible with the dimensions I needed.. almost all just came with a arm rest but not a full back.. UNTIL.. I found the Ikea Holmsund.. It saved me.. It had the full other side I needed.. All sectionals have a useful length to sit back on but the sides for small sectionals are mostly dedicated to chaise styles.. yes, pretty.. But I wanted to be able to sit on that left side of sectional in order to face our media unit.

Here were my top fav's for our small living room..

Carlisle sofa from Pottery Barn- I still adore the rolled arm and the size! I truly loved this sofa.. it just didn't have the full side arm that I wanted which makes it look a little bit bigger than it actual is.. and well the price.. This is more of an investment piece for us.. one I hope to own ONE DAY!

This is our winner..the Ikea Holmsund Sofa bed.. the idea that it had built in storage, pulled out to a bed if needed within seconds and had the full arm I was envisioning was just what I wanted.. and hello the price wasn't bad either.. for under $1000 I got to replace our old sofa for something new.. this most likely is not our 'forever, dream, down' sofa.. it is however a easy sofa while my kids are still little... nothing too precious but still cute too look at. Practical but aesthetically pleasing is ALWAYS the goal in our house!! And I couldn't be happier..
I will be sharing my full review on this sofa soon but for now I just wanted to share how it has transformed our living room. ;)
Now something to keep in mind.. Although I loved the full back idea, I knew I had to make modifications to this sectional to make it work perfectly for us.. I am referring to the back part of sofa that is hidden by cushions.. The original Ikea Holmsund sofa only comes with 5 large cushion covers so you can just place pillows on the back/length of it only. So I ordered another slipcover set which comes with the extra cushion covers (5 to be exact) I am only using 3 extra on the sectional. Now the kids can sit comfortably on any angle and see the TV.. Now it looks like the full sectional I had envisioned.
Above you can see our new sofa table. Before we using an antique ironing board that we had simply planked the top of.. it did the trick years with being hidden behind our previous sofa But now that it was more visible we needed something smaller, sturdier and that had shelves for extra storage.. So I had one custom-made locally by a young carpenter. He made it specific to my sizing and vision and i am so thankful. 
By the way the color we chose for our Ikea Holmsund Sleeper sectional is Nordvalla Beige

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