Monday, April 27, 2015

Alice in Wonderland Themed 2nd Birthday Party!

 Our daughter turned 2 a few weeks ago.. It's so hard to believe how fast time flies... Just after she was born I was shopping on Etsy.. surprise, surprise .. And found this great blue and white ruffled dress in a size 2. Right then her 2nd Birthday theme was born! I just knew I had to have it for her. I really didn't know much about Alice in wonderland until I started planning this party.. I recently watched the movie to get some inspirations .. Lets just say this is a simplified, pastel, girly version of the Real 'Alice in wonderland'. The next thing I just had to have was this great personalized cut out banner.. I have been holding onto these items for over a year :).. so as much as this was a party for my daughter it was Mommy's vision and party planning coming into fruition. See all the details below...

Monday, April 20, 2015

My latest Thrift Shop Finds!!

So tonight I stopped by my local thrift shop while my hubby watched our daughter.. awe heaven!
So I found all these great finds for under $10.. The 'C' accent Pillow was $0.50.. The navy checked king sheet in a linen like material in perfect condition for $3.. Hello future 'Spring/Summer' table runner!! and this beautiful white eyelet sheet for $4.. I may turn it into Euro Pillows for our Daughters Future BIG GIRL bedroom..Check it all out below..

Friday, April 17, 2015

Our Daughters Bedroom Nursery Reveal

With all this talk of the new baby and nurseries.. I realized I have yet to reveal our daughters current nursery. The bedroom was very dated when we purchased this home.. It had old Berber carpet and dated wallpaper and curtains with a valance.. Lets just say It was due for an update! We changed pretty much EVERYTHING in this room!!.. New window coverings, new chandelier, new wallpaper, new paint, new door hardware. We wanted a clean, fresh start for our daughters new bedroom.  Since she only lived in her previous nursery for the first 6 months before we moved, we wanted the room to have a similar look. Luckily for her, her new bedroom was a lot larger than her previous one so I was able to do more decorating here :) See more of the transformation below...

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Adding Ikea Billy Bookcases to flank a Window

I absolutely love the built in bookshelf look. We used it at our previous home too.. If you have approx 30 inches on either side of your window its like an 'ah-ha' moment.. I like the idea of real built-ins but these are the next best thing.. and in-expensive which is the best part! Another great idea is to add mouldings to the top of them for a real custom look. BUT I really like and NEED the extra display space on top so I  decided to leave them as is.. See how we achieved this look below...

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Boy's Nursery Design Ideas with Source List

I couldn't be more excited to be pregnant again.. so I just couldn't wait until I was 18 weeks and could  find out what we were having :) .. I know some of you reading this are thinking they can make mistakes.. trust me I have thought of that.. BUT I have had 2 ultrasounds (one was a 3D ultrasound) both confirmed a BOY without A DOUBT!! So with that said a Boy Nautical theme it is.. Anyone who has been following along for a while knows I love the 'Cottage', 'Coastal' look.. so what a better way than to decorate our sons future bedroom with the same theme. I know, I know 'nautical nursery' so un-original.. But I have truly always loved the nautical theme, Its a theme found throughout our current home so we are going for it!! We will try to put our own spin on things and add a lot of custom Vintage touches to keep it unique. I already have my husband working on some great DIY's.. Stay tuned for more details..

Idea Source List:

  1. Sadie and Scout Anchor Crib Sheet
  2. Knotted Jute Knob
  3. Navy and White anchors and rope Light switch plate cover
  4. Playroom Makeover by The Lily Pad Cottage Blog similar Wooden Alphabet Letters
  5. Compass Rose Nautical Vinyl Wall Decal
  6. Pottery Barn Wingback Convertible rocker
  7. Window seat idea I liked from I believe Six in the suburbs blog.. couldn't find the exact link though :(

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Exciting News!!!

Some fun and exciting changes up ahead for us. I am pregnant with our second baby.. and yes we just found out..  IT'S A BOY!! I feel so excited and blessed to have another little one to love.. and hello another room to decorate!! I can feel my hubby cringing as I write this ;) He is so excited but as always he thinks I go overboard.. Ahh well he will love it when its all done.. I will be posting some Boy nursery inspiration really soon.. Pinterest has so many fabulous ideas that I want to incorporate. This is the way his future nursery currently looks, pretty but not very boy-ish.. so stay tuned for all the upcoming changes..
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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Our Basement Guest Bedroom Reveal

This is the final reveal from our basement Reno. This is our Guestroom located in our basement, yet you'd never know it. It has a huge window full of natural light. To keep with our basement Coastal vibe we decorated with neutrals and blues.. with lots of natural elements.. See the full details below..

Monday, April 6, 2015

Painting The Ikea Fjell Bed Frame

We decided to go with the Ikea Fjell bed for our Basement guest room, primarily because of its Coastal vibe with a planked wood head board and foot board.. I also loved the fact that it had 4 sliding drawers underneath for added storage.. which is hard to come by in a queen-size bed frame... The bed frame looked nice in the original colour of Black BUT the colour just didn't go with our decor or the look I wanted. SO with a lot of white paint and patience see how we transformed it...

Friday, April 3, 2015

Framed Map Before and After

Today I am sharing a simple way to change up your artwork. Recently I picked up a large framed map from my local ReStore for only $4. It was a fabulous large size frame with perfectly intact glass.  Even if I hated the art it was still a good deal.. But lucky for me.. I LOVED the map!! I just wasn't a fan of the black glossy frame so I painted it and covered the matting. 
See the simple details below..