Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Boy's Nursery Design Ideas with Source List

I couldn't be more excited to be pregnant again.. so I just couldn't wait until I was 18 weeks and could  find out what we were having :) .. I know some of you reading this are thinking they can make mistakes.. trust me I have thought of that.. BUT I have had 2 ultrasounds (one was a 3D ultrasound) both confirmed a BOY without A DOUBT!! So with that said a Boy Nautical theme it is.. Anyone who has been following along for a while knows I love the 'Cottage', 'Coastal' look.. so what a better way than to decorate our sons future bedroom with the same theme. I know, I know 'nautical nursery' so un-original.. But I have truly always loved the nautical theme, Its a theme found throughout our current home so we are going for it!! We will try to put our own spin on things and add a lot of custom Vintage touches to keep it unique. I already have my husband working on some great DIY's.. Stay tuned for more details..

Idea Source List:

  1. Sadie and Scout Anchor Crib Sheet
  2. Knotted Jute Knob
  3. Navy and White anchors and rope Light switch plate cover
  4. Playroom Makeover by The Lily Pad Cottage Blog similar Wooden Alphabet Letters
  5. Compass Rose Nautical Vinyl Wall Decal
  6. Pottery Barn Wingback Convertible rocker
  7. Window seat idea I liked from I believe Six in the suburbs blog.. couldn't find the exact link though :(

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  1. Congratulations! Go with what you love and it will look fabulous.

    1. Aww thank you Elizabeth.. can't wait to show it all done!