Friday, May 29, 2015

Spring to Summer Coastal Family Room

This is my favourite style of decorating .. Relaxed coastal.. Adding little touches of nautical items throughout our home.. I try to minimize them during the off seasons of Fall and winter and really pop them back out during the Spring and summer.. Happy times ahead! Its a eclectic mix of woods, ropes, boats, coral and nautical touches.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Master Bedroom Full Reveal - Part 2

I have been wanting to share our bedroom for the longest time now but I have been procrastinating on a few things.. Its the one room in our house where things just end up?? I tend to keep most rooms in our house pretty tidy so I think that's why our room tends to be where the disaster takes place as most guests don't see our space. My goal this year is to try and put things away right away.. sounds easy.. not so much for me anyways! Which has led us to many recent organizational changes in our home.. so excited to share them all with you soon. So finally on to our Bedroom decorating ;).. We chose to go with a soft serene palette of layered neutrals mostly white, taupe's and beige's. I wanted our bedroom to be a relaxing and peaceful place. It makes me calm, even when its messy ;). Its our little retreat. See how we decorated it below... 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Master Bedroom transformation Part 1

This reveal was too big to fit into just one post. I really wanted you all to be able to see the true before and after.. So I decided to break up our Master Bedroom reveal into 2 posts. The Before picture below was our house when we purchased it, with the previous owners decor. It was in need of new carpet, paint, drapes and lighting. The very dark drapes and builder light was a must go.. See below for some of our changes.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

$3 Bookcase Makeover

So I've been up to a little more Thrift Shop hunting.. Here is my latest find.. a $3 Metal bookcase! I mean its crazy when you can find FURNITURE for some Dollar store pricing. Don't get me wrong its not this amazing antique piece, its just a metal bookcase, probably not an overly expensive piece to begin with but I just loved the ornate details on the sides and the sizing was right. When I first bought it I wasn't quite sure where it would go but with some testing all around our home, It ended up in our Master Bedroom. Stay tuned as I will be posting our Full Master Bedroom in the next few days.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

New Playroom Closet Handles

Anthropologie had this great sale awhile ago... everything was 25% OFF including hardware.. so I picked up these super pretty knobs for our daughters playroom closet. We replaced the builder basic white round plastic knobs with these fabulous ceramic coral flower knobs. They look so delicate and pretty in real life. My daughter loves them .. she was trying to smell them! Oh to be young again!!!! :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Vintage Frame with Chicken Wire

Here is a simple project to fill in the empty walls of our 2 storey family room.. I picked up these great matching frames from my local ReStore last summer for only $5 each. I loved the linen matting.  See the full details below..

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

New Laundry Chalkboard Wall

Some fun changes to our current laundry room.. I have always, always wanted to have a large Chalkboard wall but never had the space to do it.. I have always just hung large chalkboards with quotes or notes.. so this was the fun change I had been craving. Recently my hubby took my daughter to visit my in-laws alone.. and yes this is what I did with my free time :) plus watching a sappy movie .. oh and snacking!! Anyways back to painting..  I love the look it gives.. it gives our basic laundry room some drama.