Tuesday, May 5, 2015

New Laundry Chalkboard Wall

Some fun changes to our current laundry room.. I have always, always wanted to have a large Chalkboard wall but never had the space to do it.. I have always just hung large chalkboards with quotes or notes.. so this was the fun change I had been craving. Recently my hubby took my daughter to visit my in-laws alone.. and yes this is what I did with my free time :) plus watching a sappy movie .. oh and snacking!! Anyways back to painting..  I love the look it gives.. it gives our basic laundry room some drama. 

Our laundry room was recently painted BM Cloud White. To make the chalkboard wall I painted a total 2 coats of Rust-Oleum Specialty chalkboard paint. I applied the first coat then waited approx. 3-4hrs as recommended. Then proceeded with another coat. Then once it was dried. I cured it by rubbing white chalk up and down all over , the trick is to use a thick white kids 'sidewalk' chalk. You can have it cured in way less time... then I just simply erased it all with a clean dry dish towel. 
Once I wiped it with the towel it wasn't as true black as I wanted it to be so I wiped the wall down again this time with a damp clean dish towel. It helped remove any excess white residue and allowed for a cleaner looking, darker chalkboard. :) 
Minutes later it was all dry and I got to work stencilling. I stencilled laundry associated words like 'Wash', 'Dry', 'Fold' along with little common wash/dry symbols.
Now since I moved the wooden seahorse over to our new chalkboard wall.. I of course needed new art.. I found this cute metal, vintage inspired sign at Homesense recently for a mere $16! The colour was the perfect match to the wooden seahorse. 
You can see our Laundry Room Before HERE
Hope you liked our new Chalkboard wall.. I have some more fun in-expensive plans for our Laundry room.. Stay Tuned for all our upcoming changes...

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  1. you have the best ideas....I love this room!!!!

  2. Your chalkboard wall looks awesome! I've been toying with putting a chalkboard wall in my house and a laundry room is a great place to put one!