Sunday, September 28, 2014

Our New House Preview.. & all the Plans!

So we are on the move again.. Hopefully for last time (For at least for 5 years.. My hubby jokes about making me sign a contract!)..I have a passion for renovating and new spaces. I feel like I can make anything our home.. But I always forget until we are in it what a Nightmare moving can be.. Its just the results can be so fun and enticing ;) 
Our Previous home was beautiful but it felt very very isolated.. It was located in a ski resort area ..Brrr!! So for our new house we bought in town..yay! And with having a new lil one.. we needed civilization or at least I did!! The new house doesn't look as grandeur on the outside as our last place, but it offers us the separate spaces I was craving.. A separate office, a fourth bedroom and a separate dining room. And lets not forget the huge selling feature.. The beautiful backyard oasis and walk-out basement!! The Basement and yard sealed the deal and made the move easy peezy.. It really was a no brainer for our family! 

The basement was unfinished which of course suited us just fine..it was actually one of the perks.. We loved the idea of getting to pick out everything ourselves and design it for our lifestyle!! See all the before pictures and the new plans for our new house below.. Come join us on our new decorating adventure..

The selling feature really was this amazing tranquil backyard.. you would never be able to tell this existed back their just by driving up.. Its our little secret! Inside the new house it was nice and spacious. It had the space we wanted at 3350 sq ft plus the unfinished basement space. But It needed LOTS of tweaking to make it 'OUR' style.. I kept referring to the house as a "Gut job".. Then I realized my husband kept cringing at the word "GUT" so I changed up my wording to "TWEAK" and he felt all better about putting in an offer ;) The house needed the roof repaired, all of the the carpets needed to be replaced, hardwood floors needed to be refinished. Then their was the list just to make it 'US'. The 'US' list consisted of moving the upper hall closet so we could extend the master closet to make it larger, painting most of the rooms and painting all the bathroom and kitchen cabinetry... And lets not forget the small stuff like changing the door hardware, cabinetry hardware and changing all the existing builder lights.. I am a pro at this now.. My hubby hates me!! Oh and refinishing the Basement but that's for later ;)
The current Hardwood flooring on the main floor is a Hazelnut colored Ash hardwood with a very shiny unrealistic plastic gloss finish. The Family Room had great bones. Love the size of the room and the vaulted ceilings with this huge picture window!!
The Family Room Plan's: Stain the hardwood to something a little darker.. Remove the wood blinds to open up the space and allow you to see the gorgeous treed view from every level. And lastly update the Drywall Mantel/ TV media unit, Ideally I would love to remove it altogether but that's not in the budget, so some sort of 'Tweaking' is going to happen to it to make it more Me Us ;)
The kitchen eating area is a great size.. big enough to fit our large Harvest table 
from our previous home and it's 8 chairs.
The Kitchen Eating Area Plan's: Lightening the walls and doors and adding beadboard to the existing drywall niche shelving display.
The Kitchen is not my dream.. but the cabinetry is in good condition and has nice detail so its all staying till we win the lottery!!! The Ceramic flooring has seen better days,  hopefully we can update floors in the next few years.
The Kitchen Plan's: Getting a much needed paint job. Painting the cabinetry a light creamy white.. and replacing the Mirrored backsplash.. Thats right MIRRORED backsplash.. I don't always want to look at myself on the best of days.. I definitely don't want to when I am cooking!! :)
The Office Plans:   It will get a nice coat of or two or three of neutral paint.. Color to be determined. 
The Master Bedroom Plan's: Replace the carpeting.. it is in dire need for new carpet.. The electric fireplace got sold on Kijiji. We will be painting the walls Benjamin Moore Elmira White from its original 12yr old builder paint and adding a striped wallpaper to our headboard wall as a accent.

The Master Ensuite Bath Plan's: To LIGHTEN things up!! Currently its not bad it's just not my preferred style. I prefer a little lighter, fresher ! We will be painting the walls, changing of the vanity lights, painting the vanity cabinetry White and adding shelving to the existing drywall niches. Down the road I hope to add trim to the existing vanity mirror or change it altogether.
Both the Guest Bedrooms had good bones but needed a few tweaks to
 make them more our style
The Guest Room Plan's: Adding all new carpets, new paint, new lighting, and the 
removal of the homemade valances. 
The Girls bedroom was stuck in a time warp.. This room will be our daughters nursery.  We will basically do the same sort nursery look as before... I just loved it and feel as though we didn't get to enjoy it nearly enough. The good thing news is her new bedroom is its way bigger than her previous bedroom plus it comes with an amazing walk in closet.. Sadly its even better than her Mommy and Daddy's closet!!
The Plan: Remove the current wallpaper, Change curtains, Paint walls a light Gray, paint out yellow ceiling border, Add beadboard wallpaper, Add chair rail trim all around the room and lastly add bookshelves on either side of window with a bench underneath.
The laundry room is a good size, it has inside entry to the garage. I just love the fact that it came with the white cabinets for added storage. The current paint colour makes the room appear dark and dingy so we need it to feel CLEAN!
The plan for the laundry room:  Paint the entire room out in BM Cloud White.. and add in our current washer and dryer from our previous laundry room.
Main Bathroom is also in need of some updating and love ..
 the wallpaper was dated vinyl and was peeling.
The plan is to remove all the current wallpaper.. And paint the walls a nice calm colour. (Colour to be determined) Change all the towel hardware and Possibly add a wallpaper accent wall??
The current Hall is a little dark and gloomy. And the ceiling edges have all been painted in the wall colour (hard to see in pictures.. sorry!) I feel like it looks like a border on my ceiling.. and I am not a fan of Borders personally..
The Hall plans: Paint the upper hall, lower halls and Foyer walls in Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray. Paint out the ceiling borders to match the current white ceiling colour.
The plan for the Upper hall: Change the location of the linen closet to extend and enlarge the Master bedroom closet. Paint all the walls BM Edgecomb Gray.

AWWWW Finally the backyard.. nothing needs to be done here except the odd weed removal..overall its the only space that was updated and upgraded. It is heaven!
Stay tuned to see all our changes and 'Tweaks!!' up ahead...

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