Saturday, February 13, 2016

Lighting for 9ft Kitchen Island

We went back and forth on this one.. should we keep our current hurricane lantern lighting? add pot lights? go with one huge chandelier, go with 2 small chandeliers, or one big pendant??? In the end we went in a completely different direction than we currently had..click for full details ..

Since our island is 9ft long we really needed something substantial for lighting.. so our previous ones had to go bye bye as they were only 9" (They will eventually have a new home in our upper hall) Our new lights are substantially bigger at 16" squared.. we decided to hang them 36" from the top of island counter top. The wood pendants are a HUGE focal point of our kitchen now and really help fill in the space. Here is our previous kitchen's lighting before: As much as I loved our lights in the end they were just too small..
As you can see in the pictures below so many holes had to be made in order for all the lights to make sense with our new layout. We even had to move over the kitchen table light. In the end it was worth it but man was it DUSTY!! :( 

If you follow me you know I love using natural decor elements throughout our entire home, the wood  pendants just add a warmth and a slight rustic look... while its shape and design add a contemporary, modern farmhouse look I was going for... Plus I just adore how the X-design ties in with our current kitchen chairs..

Do these lights look familiar? SO funny.. On one of the latest episodes of my fav. show Fixer Upper Joanna used the same lights over the kitchen island!!!.. great minds think alike right?
SOURCE- Fixer Upper
Now that we had The island taken care of.. what about the rest of the kitchen lighting... We debated 'should we add pot lights?'... I have mixed feelings on this, as sometimes pot lights can be so bright almost cold looking..  We decided our kitchen needed the extra lighting so we went ahead with some LED pot lights.. All on dimmers!!.. This time round I even had the electrician put our under cabinets valance lighting on a dimmer too! Best money spent.
In the end we decided on lucky number 7 for the number of pot lights to add.. Above is a sample of our lighting plan. We went with a simple U shape design.. 3 pot lights on the side where the sink is, 3 on the side where the bar stools will be and 1 upon entry into the kitchen that connects the two sides of lights. whoa I hope that makes sense. Below is a little sneak peek on our completed kitchen look, keep in mind it hasn't been styled yet.. I will post Our full kitchen reveal soon..

Chandelier Pendant Light - Wayfair
Counter Stools - Wayfair

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