Monday, October 20, 2014

Laundry Room Reveal

So this is it.. Our Blue and White Laundry Reveal! Overall I didn't have to buy anything new .. which made my Hubby very happy! It was a very plain laundry before. We changed out the old white washer and dryer for our Blue washer and dryer from our previous Laundry Room.. We chose to lighten the room up by painting the walls and ceiling in BM Cloud White. All in all vintage accessories, splashes of aqua and white paint made all the difference in achieving the fresh, clean laundry room look we were going for. 
The walls were dark and dingy looking.. By painting them white it brightened up the whole room and made it seem bigger.
This is a picture from when we just moved in .. so please ignore the mess!
As a temporary solution to our ugly but very necessary laundry sink.. I wrapped the laundry tub base with a pleated blue and white ticking fabric using velcro strips. The Fabric tub skirt gives a more finished look.. plus it hides our mini garbage can and any washing machine hoses.
 For a cleaner look I painted the floor grout White
See more information on 'how to paint dark grout' here.
For me it's important to have a nice clean space to wash and sometimes fold laundry. Again I didn't have to buy anything new.. I just rearranged my decor to make it work for this space.. I took advantage of the high 9ft ceilings and added vintage decor above the cabinets. 
The White cabinets were already here when we moved in.. They provide a ton of storage and hold all the necessities like Bleach and detergent. Displayed on top of the cabinet is vintage clothespins and Vintage glass jugs.. All from various Garage sales and Antique Markets
I believe in mixing the old with the new and its no different for our laundry room. The blue glass vintage jug is from a Garage sale a while back, The antique Iron and Washboard are Antique shop finds. The Laundry sign is a new sign made to look old from a home decor shop. It's rimmed in a rustic wood. The White fabric tie up shade is from Target.
The 3 Vintage Mason Jars hold vintage wood thread spools, White string spools and spare buttons.
The blue and white striped rug is from Ikea. Along with the natural wicker basket. The basket houses our dryer sheets and dryer balls. The baby blue wooden seahorse was a Homesense Find. 
The White laundry tin holds all the spare and missing socks.. See there are a ton! How does this even happen?
The plan is to eventually add a white subway tile backsplash behind the washer, dryer and sink....

Here is a sneak peek into our Main Floor Hall.. Full Reveal coming soon!!!
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