Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Basement is coming together

Today is just a little teaser on how our basement slowly came together... Here the flooring is in, the lights have been installed and our fireplace has been installed and stoned with Sierra Blue Ledge Stone. We love how its all flowing together.. Now its all about the furniture and accessories so stay tuned for how it all turns out! ;)

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  1. The fireplace looks awesome! Looking forward to seeing more. Have you shared the paint colour before?

  2. Ah, found it! Grey Owl. We used that in our half bath on the main floor, along with Revere Pewter and Simply white for the rest of the main floor. I am trying to decide between the three for our basement TV room and basement kitchen (very little natural light.)

    1. Thanks Elizabeth!! I adore the BM Grey Owl paint colour.. It looks great even when the natural light is gone.. we have received a TON of compliments on it :) . Revere is nice too but it might be a tad dark if you don't have too much light??? Good luck any of those options are great!