Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ikea Expedit Makeover

These are the Expedit bookcase that we use to have in our previous basement.. For our current house I no longer wanted dark colours in our basement.. I should have just bought white bookcases to begin with..BUT my hubby wanted the dark!.. Trust me he doesn't ask for much so I gave in..) We needed a new sofa table for our basement but a new one was out of the question and budget!! So with some paint and wood planks we did a little makeover on our Expedit Bookcase, now it flows with the rest of our basement decor. See below for more details...

We painted it with 2 coats of White Primer, the key is letting the first coat fully dry before applying another coat.

For the counter top we went with a natural Cedar planks.. No stain... I love the way they look and the best part is it costs under $12 for the top!! 
Yes we painted the Ikea Bladis baskets as well!! Time consuming to get into ever little weave BUT baskets ADD UP!! I had $70 worth in baskets that were only a year old so re-using and painting them was a MUST!

This is what brown weave looked like BEFORE:
Here is the AFTER: Painted white to match with our newly painted white unit.
 I believe the Expedit unit has been replaced by a similar item called Kallax shelving unit.
Here is some decor that I filled each cubby with.. I tried to fill it with items that aren't breakable or have much value.. but still look pretty :) as its right at our daughters eye level!

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