Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Basement Rec Room Reveal

So I've been up to a few furniture changes down in our basement over the past few weeks.. I moved our 2 linen chairs that use to be at our kitchen head table chairs from our previous farmhouse table downstairs.. We currently don't need them upstairs anymore as we are trying out a round table in the kitchen to change things up a bit... We also moved our black and white settee sofa from the guest room downstairs.. We placed the settee right in front of the window, I love the way now I can sit with my feet up while watching and reading with the kids. See how our Rec room turns out by clicking 'Read more' below..

The truth is I absolutely LOVE our black and white damask settee but I was just getting bored of it in our guest room.. I hated how it dictated our colour scheme, with a black and white damask it turned into the main theme..Don't get me wrong, though I love damask print ..it's a very overwhelming/ powerful pattern ..especially in black and white! So now with it out of the guest room I feel like I have a lot  more colour choice options..
These linen chairs are streamlined yet still comfy so I am so glad I found a home for them.. Recently they have come in handy when I have had moms over for the kids playdates..
I'm loving the settee down stairs.. Its such a natural fit for the space, the black and white flows perfect with all the grey and white in our basement. Even though it's a busy pattern it looks great with everything we already had! And now I can keep it cause I really didn't want to give it up! ;(
I just can't believe we didn't move it down here sooner!
Well hopefully you found some inspiration here today..Maybe inspired you to move some furniture around? ;) You can see more updates on our basement below..
Here is another angle of our basement in our open rec-room area. You can see updated pics of our Basement Reveal HERE
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