Tuesday, October 10, 2017

New Door inserts & paint make all the difference

I feel bad even posting right now with everything else going on in the world. So i'm going to keep this post light and simple. I have always disliked our front doors.. for 4 years I have been dreaming of new doors.. Which is a long time in 'Lisa land' ;).. of course that was before I got a estimate for them.. oh my gosh it was $7000 !! I really had no idea.. I anticipated approx. a third of that. so needless to say even I can rationalize that if its not broke don't change them mentality lol.. See how we achieved a new look for under $250!!
 So instead we changed out the inserts to something a little more simple. We went with a classic 9-pane window insert..we got ours at Home Depot by Masonite
Since we were in the mood for a change we added new lighting too ;) So we updated our front lights to a more lantern style wall light from Lowes. The Portfolio Trivett 17" lights. 
We also painted the front doors and old brass kick plate in BM Black.. saying goodbye to the brass kick plate made it look like an entirely new door... I love how it all turned out. And for a little added privacy I installed this glass applique film by Artscape in Etched glass for full privacy.. pretty easy to apply and all I needed was water with a little dish soap and a squeegee.. It was nice having all the light but I need privacy. So now we get both. Now I'm so elated when I walk up to our doors. 
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