Monday, December 4, 2017

Family Room decorated for the Holidays

So this year I wanted a well decorated home for the holidays.. christmas-ey but not cluttered.. I love decor .. clearly! But even I can see that my home can easily change from clean to chaotic in mere minutes.. I have a lot of STUFF as my mom and aunt like to remind me ;) .. So when my house is clean I think it looks very together and amazing But if its even a little bit messy.. mostly thanks to my little monkeys it can look chaotic and yes cluttered sadly,, so back to my point lol.. so this year I really had to focus in on decor that I was really 'IN LOVE' with.. ONLY!

So whites, polka dots, silver touches.. pretty ! ;)

..Check out some of my holiday decorating below...

So the first thing you may notice .. the biggest change aside from a big Christmas tree ;) is we changed the sectional layout.. not only does this new layout allow for a tree to fit perfectly in the corner but it also happens to allow for better flow with the window.. really changes the focal point.. We are really liking the change and I think we might even decide to keep it like this for a while.. how about you, do like our layout before or now?
The tree decorating style is always a struggle for me.. I have so many ornaments as I know a lot of you out there probably do.. first it's those 'heart' ornaments (ornaments with meaning)..  I keep a lot of those designated to my kids Christmas tree in the basement.. ( I know.. I know it sounds so cold :( ) Others are all different styles from over the years that I've collected.. some more rustic, more country, more beige, a lot of reds, a lot of sparkle.. so lets just say a lot got left in the plastic storage bin this year BUT I did find a way to use my more neutral, 'heart' and rustic ones in our dining room dough bowl.. which I will share later on this week..
I kept the coffee table styling simple.. some jingle bells and my fav. candle ;)
For pillows I kept with the silver and grey theme.. I paired my go-to light grey linen and jute trim pillows with my RH silver star pillow and Believe Pillow from last year which I still adore!
Our Media Unit got freshened up with some homemade wooden signs.. My fav. is still my 'Snow' directional sign pointing to our backyard.. luckily I'm lying and there is none out there yet! The mantel is decorated in faux greenery and galvanized metal balls.. One year I will do the 'real' greenery thing but right now faux will have to do ;)
I really just love the vintage style urn full of dried hydrangeas.. not very christmas-ey but I laid some ornaments a long the tray with some christmas candles to help set the mood. And lets not forget the silver polka dotted burlap pillows on the side chairs.. That's what my holiday decor is all about!

Thanks for stopping by.. I will sharing more pics of our home decorated for the holidays over the next week..  Happy decorating!

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