Friday, August 29, 2014

Neutral Living Room Reveal

This turned out to be my favourite room in the house.. It's the very first thing you see when you walk in the door!!  It's a super open space to the rest of the house so everything really had to flow together seamlessly.. even the second floor overlooks it! We didn't have to paint it (thank goodness! look at that ceiling!) It had been recently painted in one of my fav. paint BM Natural Linen. We made the conscious decision not to place a TV in this room to keep it Tranquil.. A place to talk, read a book or relax and enjoy the view..
We chose to go with a sectional for this room to create some definition and basically create a room from a pretty open floor plan. The two chairs in front of the window allow for even more seating. Also sharing this space is a Antique cream painted desk which was given to me as a gift from my Aunt Maryanne.  The round marble coffee table was a lucky goodwill find and seemed to flow well with the mirrored round nesting tables. The picture below shows the room in its natural light glory... The floors look so much darker and richer. You can see how we refinished them here. 
In front of the window we have our 2 painted white bamboo chairs that I got off Kijiji. The mirrored nesting table between the chairs holds some of my larger designer books. Underneath the table I have a large wicker basket (a garage sale find for $1) that holds are my extra magazines.
The fireplace Mantel was a huge selling feature for us. We loved it, not sure if you can tell from this picture but it is like 5 ft high.. Instead of hanging a single picture above the fireplace. I decided to layer some items we had.. Wall art here we come.. We layered 2 large Mirrors, a wood rectangular one and a white round mirror from our old bathroom. Paired the mirrors with a map that I framed from the Bahamas. I also picked up some driftwood boats that were made locally from a local home decor shop, they flowed perfect with the coastal theme I was going for. On either side of the fireplace I used my black and white pics that my mom had taken from our trip to NYC, framed in Ikea Ribba frames. The wall sconces were changed to vintage Corbel looking sconces (Restoration Hardware Baby) with squared Linen shades. 
The white bead board backed built-ins showcase a mix of new and Vintage finds. 
This was the view from the upper hall... I eventually changed the striped fabric on the chairs to a simple light beige linen fabric so I could have more pillow options for the different seasons.. I have a slight pillow addiction!!
When my niece was 2 she told me "too many pillows Aun Aun!" It was soooo cute!.. It has stuck ever since... ALTHOUGH I didn't listen.. she's only 2 what does she know? :) 
As this room progressed it really took on a Nautical theme, I tried to go with natural materials whenever possible. The new additions to the room are.. The wicker storage basket currently used as a end table, a wicker tray on the coffee table replacing the mirrored one and the large basket in front of fireplace.
We backed the white sectional sofa with 2 sofa tables. I hate seeing the back of a sofa.. One is my old hall table you can see the before pics here and the other is a vintage louvered record player/Side board (That I eventually painted) It was my Granny and Papa's that no one wanted at the time.. Hello Home!! They come in handy for placing a drink, allowing for more storage and best of all more beautiful places to decorate!!

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