Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Recent Vintage Deals & Finds

What can I say.. I love a good bargain! and what a better time with all the Summer antique markets, garage sales, Kijiji and my latest find.. ONLINE AUCTIONS!! I am just Loving them!! 
So I am here today to share some of my latest finds.. and give you a sneak peek on what I have and will up to in the coming months..

First off my fabulous online Kijiji find.. A farm house style table with thicker pedestal legs for only $70! Stay tuned for the makeover :)
Next we hit up a local town wide garage sale.. amazing finds to be had, here are a few that I got.. Vintage golf bags full of wooden bamboo clubs for only $5 each..  I was antiquing a month ago with a friend and the same sort of bag and clubs were $125! Now I'll admit I'm not sporty or a golfer, But my Hubby sure is.. I bought them purely for looks!!! I got them to eventually hang up on my hubby's office wall..
Inside one of the bags I found this vintage golf tag from 1979.. so 36 yrs old.. I makes me feel better about not always cleaning out my bags! ;)
Next I found 2 smaller wooden oars, one is for our family room wall and one will be for the nursery.. I got the 2 oars for $5!! The globe was found at an outdoor antique market awhile ago.. It wasn't a greatest deal at $25 but I genuinely like the metal base and style .
More Nursery goodies.. A few vintage finds for the nursery bookcases, a vintage metal yellow truck for $9 and these 2 cute wooden dog bookends for $1 each!!

On another Thrift shop adventure I found this woven basket for $3, I decided to display the basket on top of the metal bookcase in our Master Bedroom. You can see our full Reveal HERE.
Now onto some of my latest Auction finds.. See why my love for auctions has increased.. 3 Wicker nesting tables for $20!!
Ok I paid a little too much for this engraved cut-out wooden floral shelf but I just loved all the floral cut out details for my daughters bedroom..
I also found this X detail wooden side table for our sons nursery for only $19! I paint most things but I am actually debating leaving this table as-is.. the wood is in great condition OR maybe painting a light grey, navy or white paint??.. Let me know what do you think?
A large Vintage toolbox for $29.. Love how it came with a lift out tray. Stay tuned for what I am using this one for..
This great Antique pine Cabinet .. The best part.. its in great condition with minimal work.. $80!
And lastly a wooden open shelving cubby cabinet that has a 6" depth so it doesn't take up a lot of space, it was a steal at only $15

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  1. Hi Lisa,
    Oh my I love all your finds but I cannot wait to see what you do to the old farmhouse table. That is awesome and what a great price. Happy 4th.

    1. Thanks Kris.. I am so in love with the farmhouse table too.. Its amazing what a little paint can do. :) Happy 4th to you.