Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Updating a Vintage Chandelier

Today i'm sharing how I updated our old chandelier to give it a more Rustic vibe. It's amazing how simply adding sisal rope to the trim of the chandelier can completely change the look and create the natural element I was craving. Now I should tell you that even though this makeover wasn't HARD, It was quite time consuming and I did burn my little fingers more times than I would like to admit. ;) Now keep in mind the rope I used is thicker than the typical in-expensive jute. Which made it was quite a mission to cut! All I did was pre-measure how much I needed per candelabra... And then added the glue to each chandelier arm and wrapped, one arm at a time.. I also tried to start my sisal wrap at the back to make it less visible. 
Originally this chandelier was gold.. which is the way I bought it off Kijiji. I'd always thought i'd paint it right away, but I left it gold for the first year or so then I painted it white when we moved. But lately the stark white has been bugging me as our hutch and table base are more on the beige-y side. So I simply got out my trusty Annie sloan antiquing dark wax and the paint colour 'Country Gray' and got to work!
You can get the sisal rope from your local hardware store... I got mine at Rona.
In the end I couldn't be happier with the results. The warmer tone and jute flows so much better with our space and our beige and natural wood top dining table.
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