Sunday, December 28, 2014

New Farmhouse Kitchen Sink & Faucet

So here is our latest Kitchen addition ;) a new large single basin sink and a new sink faucet. The white acrylic single basin sink is a great alternative to a apron sink. I would have loved to truly get a real apron sink but it would of 1) cost a lot more for the sink I chose 2)we would have needed new custom made cabinet doors for under the sink.. cha-ching!! SO it was out of the question!! So instead this reasonably priced alternative white single basin sink is fabulous.. I love not having a divider anymore.. I can finally wash Trays and big pots with ease. The oil rubbed faucet is great as it has an old world charm look to it ;) It all definitely lends to the French Country Farmhouse kitchen vibe I was aiming for.
The vintage looking Cross Handles come with Hot and Cold round Ceramic detail in the centre. 
I will admit that I was a tad scared to go with a WHITE sink.. You hear tons of horror stories with white sinks, or at least you do when you google them which is what i did!! I know I love white for everything else ..but a sink really??? Well I took the chance and am so happy we did. It turns out its super easy to clean, I feel easier than my old stainless one.. The best part about the sink is it doesn't stain!! You just use a soft sponge and dish soap and it looks brand new again. 

 See our Full Kitchen Reveal HERE

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  1. I love, love, love your new sink! I want one too! Your old one looks exactly like mine so just maybe I can talk hubby into it when he sees yours. :) Thanks for sharing! Julie

    1. Thanks Julie.. we love it.. Best of luck persuading your hubby :)