Sunday, August 2, 2015

DIY industrial pipe shelf

I just built this super simple industrial shelf for our son's nursery for under $25 and thought I would share it. The hardest part was finding the parts at Home Depot. I was looking around online for a open shelving option, I found some great ones but with all the things I still wanted to do and buy for the nursery, they were out of our price range.. so when you can't afford it, I always try and make it!! See how to build one for yourself below..

Materials Needed:
3/4 flange ( round part that attaches to wall and wood) x 4 =$3.83 Each (Home Depot)
3/4 90 degree elbow x2 = $1.71 Each (Home Depot)
3/4 4" Galvanized nipple x2 = $1.39 Each (Home Depot)
48"L x 10"D thick wood shelf $2(Scrap wood cut off section at Rona)
= $23.52 + tax
I try to always incorporate vintage items into my displays whenever possible.. I have been on the hunt for a while for our son's nursery. I found this fun vintage yellow truck at a antique market, the license plate was my Papa's so I am happy I finally have the perfect spot to showcase it. The magnetic wooden chalkboard was a fun find, and it came with all the magnetic letters! The wooden dog bookends were an easy paint makeover, now they hold 100+ year old navy encyclopedias. 

Below are some great options if you'd prefer to just buy a shelf ready made :)

RH baby and Child Industrial Pipe shelf

RH baby and child - Industrial Plank shelf
Industrial Home Bazaar on ETSY 

If you want to make it really easy on yourself. You can also buy the brackets already made for you on Etsy. Here is a set from Homedecorandsuch for $36. Its just the shipping costs due to the weight that can get expensive!

In order to install the shelf brackets a.k.a galvanized pipe, I first I put the one flange against the wall where I wanted it. Then marked the 4 holes and drilled in 2 anchors per side. (You can put all 4 anchors for extra support if you prefer) Then I measured where I wanted the other flange to go and installed it.  The wood shelf is 48" in length, so I added each pipe bracket at 12" from the ends. Then I added/ tightened the rest of the pieces (elbow, nipple and flange). Lastly I added the wood shelf on top of the flange and screwed in the flange to the wood and POOF industrial looking shelf complete!

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