Friday, August 28, 2015

DIY Chalkboard using Meter sticks as Frame

So I have been on a roll to finish our sons nursery if you couldn't tell ;).. So today I am going to share a chalkboard I made for his room, now I know he is only a baby and clearly will not be using a chalkboard for a while BUT our 2 year old daughter sure will and loves it..  

It started with a $2 scrap piece of mdf faux panneled wood that I just turned over to the wrong side and painted it with chalkboard paint.
I ended up applying 2 coats of Chalkboard paint by Rustoleum. One coat before I went to bed, hence the dark photo and the second in the morning.. my kitchen table has become my DIY station. 
For the chalkboard frame I used 4 wooden meter/yard sticks from Staples it works out way cheaper than buying real antique ones. They come in a light natural wood tone so to make them look old and vintage I banged them up a bit with a hammer and some Annie Sloan dark wax for a vintage aged look. 
This is what my meter sticks looked like all stained.. also I bought 6, only needed 4.. so now I will have to come up with another project for my left overs ;) Lastly 3 days after painting chalkboard I cured the board to get it all prepared for use by rubbing white sidewalk chalk all over it and erasing it.   I then applied the wooden meter sticks all around using a small amount of gorilla glue. 
Here is our chalkboard all done. I hung these galvanized chalkboard tag hooks underneath. I just loved the hooks from Michaels $1 bin and put a little galvanized pail from Targets $1 bin holding spare chalk and a brush, that alone keeps my daughter entertained.. dumping chalk putting it back in the pail and so on.. oh to be 2 again!!! 
See the beautiful chalkboard art by our daughter.. Thanks Elle!
And lastly hanging from the top of his chalkboard is this great burlap personalized name Banner from my Mom using left over pillow fabric as the letters.. LOVE IT!!
You can see a FULL Chalkboard wall that I applied to our Laundry Room Wall HERE

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