Monday, November 2, 2015

Family room Board and Batten wall

For a while now I have been very bored with the paint colour in this room, its the original paint to the original owners. It's hard because it's not an ugly paint colour, it's just that this is an open space to the rest of our house and it has 20ft ceilings so its just a lot of BEIGE! Originally I wanted to have the whole room painted, but when we got the quote it turned out to be quite costly due to the high ceiling height. So instead I came up with other ideas to brighten up the look.. one being updating the big drywall media unit and adding a bit more interest and brightness by adding a Board and Batten pattern to our curved wall.. See all the details by clicking below...

This ended up being a very 'GREEN' project, we used only left over MDF strips from our Basement walls. The curved wall is such a unique architectural feature but it seemed so boring being just beige.. I'm not big on colour, But I love me some DETAIL and Texture so adding wainscoting seemed like a natural decision..
We ended up using all the left overs from our Basement wainscotting adventure.. I will be posting full updated basement reveal soon.. You can see our recent Basement Renovation HERE and our Rustic Bar Tutorial HERE.
So first we started by trim the edges out using our brad nailer.. don't worry about the holes, DAP takes care of those after.
Once we added a frame around the wall, was complete, we measured inside the frame strips and divided it up into equal parts, for us we had enough wood leftover for 7 vertical strips, so we then needed to measure 8 equal spaces.
So with A LOT of DAP and Caulking and Paint.. It is amazing. The cutting and brad nailing was super quick.. under 1 hour. But I will say the painting seemed to take forever for such a small area.

If you missed our Full Fall Family Room REVEAL, You can see it all HERE.
For more on our basement mouldings click HERE

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