Monday, July 14, 2014

Linen and Chrome Pendant Light

I just love this light so much so I just have to show it off. It was such a great bargain at Home Depot(this is NOT a sponsored post).. I know.. $160 Crazy right! You can see it here. It is almost 24inch in diameter so its quite impactful. It's made of a white linen shade and chrome candelabra chandelier base. It looks amazing walking under it or looking up at it. It would also look really good with a rimming of a thin ribbon for some detail on the top and bottom of the shade (I always meant to do that, but never got around to it). 

 I also used it in my previous townhouse in the dining room. And most recently my Aunt bought one for her dining room too! (Good taste runs in the family!) Here is the pendant fixture in my old Dining rm (Sorry for the picture quality. I had to scan them for you all to see.)

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