Thursday, July 3, 2014

Tweaks on how to Personalize a Builder Home on a budget!

This was my First home. It was ALL ABOUT tweaking what I had and hitting up every possible Thrift store to make my new house a HOME! I have Always been the type of person who wanted things done yesterday and this adventure was going to be no different. The first thing I tackled was Paint! Never under estimate the power of a little paint... 

I painted the tiny dining room Brown Sugar by Benjamin Moore.The vintage buffet and dining table were painted BM Ferret Brown and sprayed handles Chrome For a more modern look. 

For the Master bedroom I spray painted my childhood bedroom furniture 'Antique White' and painted white stripes over the builder beige painted walls. 

For the bathroom first I splurged on neutral wallpaper....I just did the 1 main accent wall in white and beige Damask.. One because it was quite graphic and I didn't want it to be too overwhelming, and secondly because it was too expensive to buy more walls. ( It was my first time wallpaper.. and an hour after wallpapering.. I went upstairs to find my wallpaper on the FLOOR!!!) Note to self and everyone reading... PRIME newly drywalled walls BEFORE adding wallpaper. So back to Benjamin Moore store I went. I took off the bathroom vanity/Cabinet Doors and sanded, primed and painted them in a off white paint. (Originally they were a light natural oak.) When I originally picked out my options at building design centre I went tooooo neutral.. and all you ended up seeing in my bathroom was BEIGE! beige walls, beige cabinets, beige counters..yikes! so I felt it needed to be lightened up a bit.) And it worked in my opinion. Lastly I tackled the builder mirror.. I was going to remove it but I had heard so many horror stories of the drywall being destroyed. So I decided to just add moulding and trim around what I had... The result is above.

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