Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer Flower Displays ~ Table Centrepiece ideas

Some ideas for your Summer Tablescapes .. First of all I would like to point out I am no gardener!! just ask my Mom.. She always seems so disappointed every time she gives me a plant and I kill it. The last plant she bought me was for my birthday, I actually gave it back to her "lets be honest we both know I will kill it".. So it lives at her home now :) I Come from a long line of gardeners hence her disappointment .. though she keeps telling me I will change eventually.. who knows.. I am sure my garden hopes so! All I know is I love the LOOK of Daisy's, Hydrangeas (especially White one's), Lavender and Pink and White Gerbera's. (Give me a simple all white flower bouquet any day and I'm happy!) I also love the smell of lavender and Basil.. this I know!  So the reason I am telling you this is because I had to look up the actual name of my lovely flowers from my garden for this post... I will post some pictures of our new home's gardens really soon. I can appreciate its beauty but don't ask me to name any flower.. MOM!!! In the white vase are Feverfew (thanks Google!) they look like small pretty daisy's to me ;). Inside the vintage wood gardening tote and recycled milk bottles are larger Daisy's. ( Thanks Aunt Linda! and Rick!)  

 The Apples are Fake!! Could you tell?? I think they look and feel very real! They are from Pier 1 a few years back. The planked wooden tray is a vintage flea market find for $1. The white vase, white bowl and Wicker Tray are all from Homesense. The Salt and Pepper shakers were a gift.  Hope you Enjoy.

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